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If you suspect you’re losing out on business and the human factor may be the reason, we can deliver the insights that provide you an external view, clarification and basis for decision making

We validate your assumptions about potentials and delicate aspects of your culture allowing you to challenge the common perception with facts, documentation and recommendations

We specialize in evaluating the coherence between plans, behavior, culture and results. We do that by observing behavior from outside-in combined with 20 years of experience in understanding the difference between goals and means, symptoms and causes

Falck Assistance

Has decided a new strategy and defined five Must Win Battles out of which Winning Culture is one. In collaboration with management and HR Garde identify the gaps in the culture in Scandinavia so management now have a joint master plan with clear priorities. The end product is a demand specification of the necessary behavior and mindset, so the culture now works for strategy

Dell A/S

Has acquired a number of companies expanding their product range, but also the complexity. Dell wants facts and validated insights in how much internal and external sales reps can accommodate as well as the underlying causes of the spread in the meeting intensity. Garde Consultants delivers five clear recommendations, which are now rolled out in 19 countries as 'best practice'

Willis Towers Watson

The merger of Willis Towers Watson expands their customer and product palette significantly. The challenge is to be clear on their core competencies to win more tenders. After a Deep Dive with participation in customer panels, in-depth interviews and workshops with six WTW partners Garde delivers the new company presentation that support WTW’s Trusted Advisor® philosophy and approach

Danica Pension

Redefining successfully its business with digitization, Omnichannel, simplification, and cross-selling with Danish Bank. The strategy creates new fundamental requirements for customer orientation, professionalism and interaction. Garde has since 2013 delivered the commercial behavior in all touch points and lately converted all appraisal conversations to weekly ten-minute Check-ins


Hunting for growth and scalability in ten countries. This requires alignment and compliance in behavior and customer contact. Jointly with the identity agency Bearnaise, Coloplast’s Global Sales Training and marketing we developed the Coloplast Way of Selling, which gathers distance management, a unique DNA and the new narrative from ReD Associates


A media company with a profitable and well-described business, but management have bigger ambitions. Growth potential is realised through higher conversion rates and faster onboarding. We identify potential and deliver best practices across the sales cycle, which internal sales trainers now implement in nine offices in seven countries


Management wants an external acid test of their new Go2Market strategy. A GAP analysis with in-depth interviews added necessary efforts and identified cultural elements that would have slowed down the speed of execution. The derived effect was a (feedback) culture process and an academy


The sales director wants to reduce churn. An external deep dive and insight into customer behavior leads to an ‘engager’ that makes the reps instantly relevant to prospects in collaboration with the identity agency Bearnaise. The derived effect is the revitalisation of headquarter’s segmentation model and faster onboarding of new customers and new staff


A business unit at Corporate & Institution needs logic segmentation. The aim is to dose the 'yes/no' hat in a socially acceptable way without losing face, momentum or short-term results. We add qualitative segmentation criteria and implement new behavior with transparency, simulations and skills training

Tryg Forsikring

Management wants new ideas on how they set the standard for the next level. Garde observes the behavior in all touch points. The patterns of best practices identify new potentials complemented with specific instructions on how to sharpen performance and feedback culture forward-looking