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Garde Consultants


If you have ambitious goals we can deliver the necessary behavior and culture

We drag your business agenda down to an operational level so everyone in the organization knows how to take ownership in behavior

We specialize in delivering sustainable changes in commercial behavior and culture. We do that by training, influencing, nudging, aligning, and we follow up until the behavior becomes part of the DNA and your new culture


Is the leading Nordic investment bank, the key is employee skills and motivation. In collaboration with management and HR Garde develops a targeted Trusted Advisor® program for managers, employees and departments, which helps to maintain and expand its leading position as number one in Prospera (customer satisfaction)


The new challenger of the Big Four has since 2014 grown from 0 to 450 employees. ‘One Firm’ attitude is key to customer potentials. Garde anchored Miller Heiman’s sales concept locally in partner behavior through structured knowledge sharing, follow-up 'little but often' and documented best practices

Investering & Tryghed

For this stock brokerage, a training course grew into logic segmentation, a new value proposition, company presen-tation and USPs. The goal is critical mass and the means more wallet and a shorter sales cycle. The derived effect is growth through shared success formulas, structured knowledge sharing and alignment of the brokers’ pitch

Danica Pension

The foundation was new processes, standards and goals. With new strategy, new segmentation, new organization, we calibrate the CVP and insights from ReD Associates to behavior and culture. The result of a GAP analysis, training and alignment is ownership and sense of urgency and the best financial result ever in 2015

SEB Pension

The goal was to be No. 1 in customer satisfaction (research institute Aalund). SEB Pension is No. 1 for five years in a row and the CEO won a prize for performance culture in 2014. We implemented Remote DNA, a new sales process, Trusted Advisor® behavior and a pictogram to make pension easy to understand. The financial yield after five years’ collaboration is larger pension contributions and shorter sales cycles

Saxo Bank Latin America

Our collaboration involves four out of six global units and began in 2010 with Remote DNA; how Saxo Bank improve sales effectiveness across time zones, languages and cultures. The result is more profit, better conversion rates, a shorter sales cycle and faster onboarding of high performers

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

The board has ambitious profit and growth targets. The goal is to get more sweet spot customers, and the deliverables consist of tactical sparing with management to a more commercial dialogue. The result is a value proposition, a profile of preferred customers and a new pitch


Implementation of a Go2Market strategy from monopoly to market terms. In addition to increased business understanding, this transformation challenges relationships and loyalty of public and commercial customers. Our collaboration started in 2010 and has resulted in Trusted Advisor® behavior and a commercial mindset

Core Capital

This stock brokerage in Luxembourg wishes to continue its success. The goal was more new customers and more assets under management. The delivery is documented best practices, sales processes, a new CVP, a clear customer profile and well-defined USPs. The result since 2012 is larger deposits and shorter sales cycles

Saxo Bank Nordic

Saxo Bank made a three-digit million DKK profit in three years in Institutional and Private Sales by moving costs and re-implementing its original business model. The derived effect is a more correct self-image, a sharpened performance culture and permanent cost reductions

Philips Nordic

Executing a Go2Market strategy in the Nordic countries. Our collaboration with the top management began with Cybercity, continued with Xerox, and since 2009, Philips Nordic. Individual assessments, external observations and local training in four Nordic countries were applied. The derived effect is a stronger self-image and specialists that dare to ‘sell without selling’

Kromann Reumert

In 2008 the board set ambitious new goals. Since then we’ve implemented a new vision and values and calibrated strategic plans for departments, enhanced acquisition skills for partners and lawyers and improved yield from apprenticeships through leadership development and the alignment of internal communication